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The place we live in. People we spend our time with. Daily life is the adventure.

Hi, I'm Jer and I'm so excited to get to know you better. Before you take a look at my work I wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little more about my creative philosophy towards creating images.

I've been creating photos for over 10 years. I'm obsessed with succulents, food, and aesthetic design. I enjoy practicing minimalism in my life so I can focus on the important things: my favourite people and the memorable experiences we've shared.

First and foremost this will be a fun process from start to finish, I know it can be scary having a camera pointed at you but please know that I will work so hard to make everyone comfortable (even those extremely camera shy people in your life!). By the end of the day, I promise we'll be great friends. My approach is to help you and your guests forget that I'm even there documenting and merely another happy guest with extraordinary skills on the dance floor!

I aim to make beautiful images that capture the vibe of the day without interfering too much. My style is a blend of contemporary art mixed with fun, candid photojournalistic moments. I want to make gorgeous images with you while also allowing you to be authentic and silly. These memories will be captured and carried with you for the rest of your lives, therefore, I take my work extremely seriously while also facilitating fun moments whenever possible.

My approach to portraiture is to document moments in time as I experience them.

Lifestyle photography allows me to capture images that encapsulate the feeling of the day exactly as it was. It’s not posed, staged, or perfect. Nor should it be.
— jer harman

My work is not for everybody, but that's okay. I crave work that inspires me and love working with adventurous couples that put their heart and soul into meticulously crafting all the details for the perfect occasion. Be it a wedding, lifestyle shoot, or simply want someone to document your cottage weekend in the Muskokas, I'm there.

I can't wait to get to know you and have the privilege to be a part of your amazing day.

Jer Harman