The BEST Camera...

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So often, you’ll meet another creative and the first question is always “What camera do you use?”. To me this is the start of a very boring conversation about megapixels, crop vs. full-frame, and the inevitable switching to Sony conversation. Gear is a means to an end, it’s definitely important to have the right equipment that meets your needs but that’s it.

My camera system simply gets me excited to go out and shoot photos - it’s tactile with its buttons and dials, has a beautiful film camera aesthetic, blazing fast auto-focus, and incredible image quality and colours. Sure there are other systems that have some better specs on paper but they don’t have the same personality to me and don’t get me excited to create.

To me gear is simply a way to capture photos, give me an iPhone, Fuji, or Leica M9 and I’ll create compelling photos no matter what system. Photography is about creating, it’s certainly not about gear. Photography is

light, composition, MOMENTS, EMOTION

As soon as you stop focusing on getting the absolute perfect gear, the sooner you’ll get out there and actually start using it.

Keep it simple, just create.

Jer Harman