Meagan + Dakota

On a rainy Saturday morning in late August I awoke in an unfamiliar place. The slight aroma of coffee and bacon infiltrating my senses. A warm gust of wind bringing me into consciousness. I love mornings. QUIET. Personal. Solitary. Endless potential for the day ahead. Time to be selfish. Introspective. Allowing time for visualization of the ideal version of today. Focusing on goals; short-term, long-term. Taking this personal time every morning allows me to be ME. 

Mornings of a photoshoot or wedding are when I do my best to visualize what I want to create with all the potential opportunities. Ways to be creative. Different. Interesting. To tell a compelling story with a single photo. I head downstairs, feeling like an interloper in a foreign place. Recently moving into a heritage home in Chesley, ON, my grandparents were more than happy to host me for the weekend. It just happens their new home is a 10 minute drive from the upcoming country wedding I will be documenting today.

After a much needed visit with them, I set off to meet Meagan + Dakota for their big day.