Jess + Elliott

I met Jess + Elliott at Kat (Elliott's sister) + Chris' wedding. Instantly hitting it off at the wedding, they're people that make you want to be your best in their company. Always in the middle of a great moment, and both extremely photogenic. No coincidence, they exude a magnetic energy that makes everyone happy.

Kat asked if I could capture some images for Jess + Elliott's recent engagement. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to work with them again. So glad I did. 

On a whim, we choose Waterloo Park as our backdrop for its luscious foliage, heritage buildings, and THAT pond. It's always interesting to arrive at a new location and completely improvise a shoot. There's a certain discomfort in having no preconceived ideas for a location shoot that I sadistically enjoy - wedding photographer was a great career choice. Finding comfort in the freedom from over-planning and instead create something completely organic and real in the moment. Intuition goes a long way on a photoshoot.